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Live Performance


Community events/fundraisers - Festivals - Weddings - Private/House Concerts

piano, guitar and vocal coaching


Beginner/intermediate guitar, piano or vocal lessons. Performance coaching.


Songwriting/Creatvity Coaching


One on one songwriting/creativity mentorship for adults and children.

Trauma informed yoga and breathwork facilitation

Yoga and breathwork practices focusing on nervous system wellness for grounding, regulation and emotional well-being.

Workshops and coaching


Workshops can be individual or in group settings,

for adults or children.



Let me guide you in the practice of songwriting, as I use it in my own creative process. Together, we will work to create an original piece of music based on your own vision.




Re-claiming our creative capacity


It is my strong belief that everyone has the capacity to be creative and to express themselves artistically.Unfortunately, due to limiting cultural beliefs imposed on us from a young age, many of us lose this trust in ourselves and believe that we do not hold this innate human ability. My passion is in supporting individuals to 're-remember' their creative natures and to provide inspiration, guidance and hands-on activities to help release and move what is already inside of them. Whether it is through sound, movement, writing, cooking, visual art, photography or any other of the many creative outlets that exist in the world, we can learn how to remember and connect to what was forgotten and re-claim our creative capacities. 


Creativity and the body

The link between creative expression and the body is vast. When it comes to receiving creative ideas and visions, we can often find inspiration existing right where we are, in our bodies. Helpful tools to nurture that ability involve somatic activities including yoga, breath work, grounding and centering and body based mindfulness meditation. When it comes to being creative, your body and soul already know what to do, it's your mind that needs to get out of the way. 


Art, Heath and Wellness

Creative expression has been practiced by mankind since we first walked the earth. But in our current day, modern culture it is often overlooked as a pointless luxury and can get put on the back burner. In reality, arts practice has a huge impact on our ability to remain in a healthy and balanced state of well-being. As we continue to 'go, go go' and remain disconnected from ourselves, our unprocessed experiences, interactions and emotions remain stored as heavy energies in the body and can wreak havoc on our bodies, minds and spirits. Learn how we can use the creative process to move and shift these energies, in turn bringing our beings into a more balanced state of wholeness and equilibrium. 





Specialized, individual workshops

I am happy to tailor a workshop to meet your specific needs. Please contact me to discuss what you are interested in. 

All service fees are on a sliding scale and depend on unique nature of the service provided. Please contact me to inquire or for more information. 

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